Young Architects (Pty) Ltd

Home Architect principal: David Young


Box 1049, Gaborone

Office phone:

+267 3971181 which is not working well in December 2017. If no answer at five rings during normal office hours, please try ringing off and dialling again

Mobiles David Young:

+267 74242618; when in za: (+0027 or +0) 620026149; skype: david-yabw; messaging: dalexy at xmpp dot zone

Web page David Young:

Project architect:

Onkabetse Lesego


General: ya at yabw dot net, Works: projects at yabw dot net, Administration: admin at yabw dot net


Plot 915, Phalane Close, Gaborone

Office hours:

7h45-13h00 and 14h00-16h45, Monday to Friday excepting public holidays

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