Conferences and Seminars

Architects' Conference, Namibia 1992


Swakopmund station becomes casino, Internet picture

Statehouse and lighthouse, Internet picture

Cordes house, now commercial, Internet picture

Altona house, Internet picture

Freud house, now commercial, Internet picture

Windhoek fort becomes museum

Windhoek station. Diego Delso,, License CC-BY-SA

Much later, Luderitz waterfront powerstation has become a maritime museum


UIA/UNESCO workgroup: Educational and Cultural Spaces

XI Chania, gr: September 1992: Planning & Design of Higher Educational Facilities

Later: Daedalus logo for TU Chania, Internet picture

Knossos, Internet picture

Jerusalem, il: April 1993: The Elementary School Towards the year 2000

XII Breda, nl: 20-21 June 1994: Re-allocation of buildings

Old docks Amsterdam: warehousing to offices

St Bavo, Haarlem, Internet picture

Grote kerk Breda privileged visit, 21je94

Farewell to Amsterdam

Konstanz, de: 1995: Designers & users

Jaacov Hertz and colleagues

Bombay, in: February 1996: Affordable Spaces for Education for All

, Internet picture 1

, Internet picture 2

, Internet picture 3

Sunderland, uk: August 1997

Newcastle bridges, Internet picture

Tyne bridge, Internet picture

, Internet picture

, Internet picture

Bishops castle, Auckland, Internet picture

Sunderland campus, Internet picture

XXV Porto, pt: September 2001

Two-level bridge, Internet picture

XXVI Santiago, cl: November 2003: Architecture for future education

Technology museum in earthquake country

Macao, mo: September 2006: Fusion Architecture, A Learning Experience

Tight space for school sports

American Institute of Architects seminar
Helsinki, fi: August 2008: Schools in a flat world

Primary schools


University library


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