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Information about the practice
The practice opened on 1st July, 1984, in Gaborone, named David Young,\nArchitect. The sole partner and architect principal was David Young. In 1985 we entered into an association agreement with Kevin Macgarry, Architect, and in 1988 into an additional association agreement with Vito Coppola, Architect, both of Durban, South Africa. In 2001, the Vito Coppola, Architect association ended on Vito Coppola's departure for UK. In 2004, the practice changed its style to Young Architects with majority citizen ownership in the new company (51%), and Edward Mazhani and David Young as directors and architect principals. \n

\nWe have two clerical staff members at present, Mr A Mabaka (clerk/messenger) and Ms C Nyepetsi, and two draughtsmen, Bwalya Kashiba and Phenyo Modukanele. The office reserves one workstation for Architecture/draughting students on industrial placements. In the past two years we have had the following students seconded to our office: B Nthobatsang, M. Zambezi, B. Kashiba, and L. Lesonya.

\nThe Directors of the firm are currently involved in technical colleges and brigades examination/assessments. David Young was Chairman of the Examination Board for the National Certificate in Architectural Draughting until 2006, and has been involved in Brigade Architectural Draughting training since 1982. Edward\nMazhani is an external verifier (Construction) for Department of Vocational Education and Training Quality Assurance Assessment Unit.

\nThe office features ten networked computer systems (of which six are drafting-oriented) with four colour scanners, an A1-size digitiser (allowing direct tracing of A1 drawings) and an A1 plotter. Apart from drawings, large size sign layouts and vector/raster file conversion and editing can be done using our equipment. We have four administrative computers on the network, running mostly on Linux. We carry out backups of data to minimise the risk of data loss. We also have black and white and colour A3 printers. Software is Cadam/Helix for drawing and modelling, and StarOffice/, Photoshop/GIMP and Pagemaker for general office use. We are using Helix to generate 3d virtual reality models readable by free programmes (Glview/Microsoft vrml plug-in for Internet Explorer) as well as using Cadam to generate accessible versions of drawings to increase interaction with our clients and fellow consultants. We have a Nikon total station and accessories as well as a dumpy level, for non-cadastral survey work.

\nIn addition to the project list which follows, we have carried out work in the areas of Development planning, Interior design, Building and (non-cadastral) site surveying, Building condition surveying, Technical and aerial photography, Expert witnesses, Utility software writers and Free and open software advisors/installers. We also have a Cessna 172 aircraft, A2-AJN, for office use. \n